Mind over matter can help you stay slim

Experts say the way we think affects our health more than exercise or diet

Woman thinking
Woman thinking
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Experts say the way we think affects our health more than exercise or diet

Obesity specialists are increasingly challenging the ‘you are what you eat,’ notion by suggesting that it is more about the way you think.

Sticking to a strict diet and exercise regime can go out of the window if our heads aren’t in the right place, says nutrition and exercise specialist Janet Thomson.

‘There is a non-stop communication between your mind and body, but the mind is the most important because it drives your behaviour.’

The author of Think More, Eat Less claims negative messages, like being told you’re ‘chubby’ or ‘a bit bigger,’ can stick in your mind, sabotaging efforts to lose weight or eat healthily.

To fight the mental battle and keep a healthy emotional link with food, Ms Thomson urges people to think about what they have already achieved and the goals they want to reach.

‘Creating powerful positive emotions help generate faith in your ability to succeed,’ she says.

In her book, Ms Thomson suggests writing down the thoughts and behaviours that keep you from achieving your goals, and then making a list of how you’ll overcome them.

She goes against common dieting practice by telling dieters not to see food as a reward or treat, but also not to ban themselves from eating anything. Instead, see food as fuel for your body.


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