Midweek hangover? You’re not alone…

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  • Almost one in ten people in Britain are heading into work with a hangover each day and that number is set to increase over the course of the summer.

    If you’re currently hiding behind your oversized shades regretting that bottle of wine last night it will come as a relief that almost one in ten Britons are crawling to work with a hangover each day.

    Charity Drinkaware conducted a survey of over 1,000 Britons, and found that a staggering half a million people are heading into the workplace suffering the after effects of alcohol.

    Of these almost one in five admit that they struggle to keep up with their workload throughout the day and are more prone to making mistakes.

    And a shocking 7% of employees cannot even make it through the day without leaving work early.

    ‘Having a hangover doesn’t just affect the person who has drunk to excess,’ says Chris Sorek, Chief Executive of Drinkaware.

    ‘With hundreds of thousands of people going to work every day after a heavy night, it impacts work productivity and even results in employees going home sick.’

    Things are set to get worse as summer continues with people using the great weather and the summer sporting events such as the World Cup and Wimbledon as excuses to drink more.

    ‘An international sporting event like the World Cup will inevitably capture the attention of the nation and is a great time for people to come together, but hangovers at work are likely to increase,’ says Sorek.

    ‘Employees should also be aware that if someone is regularly coming into work with a hangover this could be a sign of wider alcohol or mental health problems,’ says Dr Katrina Herren, Medical Director of Bupa Health and Well-being.

    Drinkaware advise staying within the recommended Government guidelines of two to three units of alcohol a day – approx one 175ml glass of wine.


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