Men In 21st Century NEED More Sex Claims Think Tank

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  • And the UK should legalise prostitution to provide men with this service

    Let’s just add this to the list of things feminism is to blame for eh?

    Thanks to the progression of women in the workplace men today are not having their sexual needs met, according to a leading free-market research group.

    The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has made the bold claim in a new paper, blaming the rise of female economic and social independence for the disparity in how much sex men ‘need’ and are getting in their relationships.

    Thankfully those geniuses at the IEA have come up with a win-win solution for this clearly terrifying phenomenon: legalise prostitution.

    “Male sexual desire is manifested at least twice as often as female desire, and men would like to have sex twice as often as women,” claims sociologist and author Dr Catherine Hakim, who wrote the controversial paper.

    “This gap in sexual desire between men and women is growing over time and cannot be dismissed as an outdated patriarchal myth as argued by some feminists.

    “Demand for commercial sex is therefore inevitable and the sex industry is likely to continue to flourish in the 21st century.”

    It’s so refreshing to hear women and sex being spoken about in terms of supply and demand, as if we were a bunch of half price Dyson fans on sale in Argos during a summer heatwave isn’t it?

    Dr Hakim reckons that as women explore other careers than wife/sex slave, it is “inevitable” that men will end up paying sex workers to fill in the gaps left by their partners. We honestly can’t tell if this is more insulting to men or women…

    For those worried about the effects of legalising prostitution on women, namely the sex workers themselves, fear not – Dr Hakim reckons it’s a great job.

    “All the available evidence points in the direction of prostitution and erotic entertainments having no noxious psychological or social effects, and they may even help to reduce sexual crime rates,” she said, claiming that the supposed link between sex workers and human trafficking is “outdated”.

    Well, that’s us told then…

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