Mark Anthony's Six Week Change Your Body Plan: Part 1

Mark Anthony's Six Week Change Your Body Plan is going to whip me into shape

Fitness Guru
Fitness Guru

Mark Anthony's Six Week Change Your Body Plan is going to whip me into shape

Did you see the billboard posters of Billie Piper plastered everywhere for her latest TV show, Belle de Jour - me too. I gazed at her svelte physique, well, her abs mainly, and simply wondered, how?

Two words: Mark Anthony. Billie did what many a celeb - from David Furnish to Mica Paris - has done (and anyone with a few bob in their back pocket) and sought the expertise of personal trainer, Mark Anthony.

Hidden away in the exclusive land of Holland Park, London, Mark Anthony's fitness centre now has a two year waiting list, is set to open a second branch in Kensington soon (you might have more luck signing up there) and Anthony is about to step things up a notch by appearing on GMTV from January, whipping four women into shape as the nation watches on.

A few weeks back I was offered a golden ticket to train with the master himself, using his Six Week Change Your Body Plan programme. It's an intensive programme designed to tone and 'drop a dress size', should you so desire, and is coupled with a full menu of organic meals delivered to your door overnight - like a fitness fairy (courtesy of Pure Package.)

It couldn't have come at a better time. Six months from now I'll be walking down the aisle - twice. I'm 'doing a Liz' and getting married once in the old traditional white dress and again in a lehenga (a beaded bodice and skirt) two weeks later at a Sikh ceremony.

As much as I hate to admit it, like most brides-to-be out there, I want to look fabulous on our wedding day, and the fear of revealing my navel to 300, YES 300, guests at the Sikh ceremony means I'm seriously ready to bust a gut (literally) to achieve Billie Piper svelteness.

Last night I hit the treadmill for my first session with Mark. Apparently my basic level of fitness is good, but there's work to be done - 8lbs of work to be precise. Mark measured my body fat with a metal pinching device (who knows what technical name they give it), and we got to work.

Today I can't lift my arms above my shoulders (they've never been near 3kg weights in their 27 years) and I'm going back tonight for more.

With four sessions a week leading up to Christmas, I've resigned myself to the fact that this year the party season won't get much of a look in, but goddamit I'll get abs of steel and bangra with the best of them in six months time.


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