Sorry Girls: Science Proves A Low-Carb Diet Is Best

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  • Low carb is better than low fat. Good news for weight loss, bad news for pasta lovers

    We don’t mean to start your Wednesday on a bum note, but a new study has proved that carbs really are the dieter’s worst enemy. The findings, first published in the in the Annals of Internal Medicine, have put to rest the old fat versus sugar argument to tell us what we probably already knew: A low carb diet is the most effective way to lose weight.

    In terms of piling on the pounds and even preventing diabetes and heart diease, cutting out carbs is way more effective than cutting down on fat. So that means no more lovely pasta, pizza, sandwiches, donuts, cronuts or crossaints – and no alcohol.

    Researchers found this out by spliting a group of 148 varied testers into two, with one set following a low carb diet and one following a low fat diet. The dieters who stuck to a low carb eating plan lost nearly eight pounds more than the people on a low fat regime, even though they all consumed the same number of calories each day. Plus, the low carb dieters burned an extra 150 calories a day without even trying.

    But don’t totally dispair, you do still need some carbohydrates (cutting them out completely is risky and it’s unlikely you will stick to your diet), but it’s best to eat ‘high quality’ carbs like vegetables, pulses and grains rather than delicious baguettes, biscuits and bagels.

    Goodbye, delicious, sweet, sweet carbohydrates…

    (Or, you can try these carb alternatives that are actually quite delicious – we promise!)

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