Is your pillow making you tired?

Could your pillow be affecting your sleep?

Woman sleeping
Woman sleeping

Could your pillow be affecting your sleep?

If you sometimes wake up feeling like you only just fell asleep, it could be that your pillow is to blame.

Forget the daily overdose on double espressos; leading sleep researchers say the cause of our exhaustion is likely to be disrupted sleep.

The report published today by Horlicks suggests that 10 million Britons are so tired they are unable to get out of bed every day - even when they believe they have fallen asleep at night almost immediately.

Aside from uncomfortable beds, chartered physiotherapist, Sammy Margo, explains the quality of your pillow can affect sleep patterns.

'We rarely give a lot of thought to the pillows we use, but buying the right one and positioning it correctly could be one of the most important parts of sleeping success,' Margo says.

Margo also explains an uncomfortable pillow causes us to toss and turn and sometimes puts strain on the muscles in the shoulders, back and neck.

The number of pillows you sleep with also influences sleep patterns. Too many pillows tilts the head forward and too few tilts it back, putting strain on the neck and spine.

It has been widely reported that those suffering with sleep deprivation are often less efficient at work, overweight and are more likely to take time off sick.

So, if you can't put your finger on the cause of your sleepless nights, investing in a new pillow could solve your insomnia issues.

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