A New Reason To Update Your Facebook Page: It Can Reduce Your Stress Levels...

A new report suggests updating Facebook and Twitter can help reduce your stress levels

woman using iPhone
woman using iPhone
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A new report suggests updating Facebook and Twitter can help reduce your stress levels

A new study from the Pew Research Center has found that using Facebook and Twitter can actually decrease stress - especially in women.

This is at odds with the recent trends for mindfullness, meditation and 'unplugging', where we try to find happiness by taking a break from constant social media updates.

But the research undertaken at Pew has discovered that regular Facebook and Twitter updates actually lowered stress in females by 21%. 'Regular' use comprises of a checking Facebook and Twitter a few times a day, posting a few photos and sending and receiving up to 25 emails a day.

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Surprised? So were the researchers, who said they entered the study expecting to find the complete opposite. "We thought it would prove that bit of conventional wisdom," said Lee Rainie, the research group's director. "Instead, it pushes against it."

Keith N. Hampton, a Rutgers University communications professor and the paper's lead author, said that social media provides a 'supportive exchange' where people can easily stay in touch with friends and family. Women are also more likely to be active on social media, sharing posts and photos and whether these are positive or negative, they have been proven to reduce stress, although the researchers couldn't determine why.

Whatever the reason, do you need any more excuses to post that cute cat video on Facebook, right now?

Reduce your stress levels by watching the hilarious video from the Dover Police Facebook page of a policeman singing along to Taylor Swift.

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