Could antioxidants be the answer to male infertility?

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  • Eating fruit and veg packed with antioxidants could help to solve the heartbreak of couples unable to conceive

    Berries, popcorn, plums and broccoli are the supers of food. Bursting with healthy antioxidants that help to slow cancer growth and prevent heart disease. They could also provide the answer to male infertility.

    ‘Awareness of the need for men to take as much note of their nutrition and health as women when trying for a baby is beginning to grow,’ says Dietician Angie Jefferson.

    ‘Men should ideally prepare for a pregnancy in the same way as their partners, for example cutting back on alcohol, eating ahealthier diet, including plenty of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and being more active.’

    Infertility affects one in six UK couples, according to the Infertility Network UK. Much of male infertility is thought to be due to the damaging effect of oxidative stress on sperm that lowers their number and quality.

    However, antioxidants that can be found in fruit and vegetables could help to counteract this problem by slowing downthe oxidative damage to the body.

    A study by the Cochrane Library, in New Zealand, looked at 2,876 couples and found that those with fertility problems, where men took antioxidant supplements, were more likely to have a baby.

    ‘Both men and women may choose to take a vitamin and mineral supplement to boost their intake of food. What is important is that if a couple opt to take supplements that they choose those that have been specifically formulated for conception in order to help make the best start in life possible.’


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