Birch Water: Everything You Need To Know

Birch water has been this year's talking point. Look out for accompanying skincare ranges too...

Photo of a model drinking Birch Tree Water
Photo of a model drinking Birch Tree Water

Birch water has been this year's talking point. Look out for accompanying skincare ranges too...

Coconut, cactus, aloe... plant 'super waters' have been hitting the headlines for a while now, sending the health conscious rushing to their local store to snap up supplies. The results promised range from simple hydration, to aiding your skincare regime, to helping prevent disease.

But all of the currently available versions are about to be topped by birch water - a product from trees commonly found in British gardens. Birch tree water trumps all previous must-haves, with a wealth of health benefits added to the usual list.

Some claim birch water can treat everything from flu, headaches and dandruff, to eczema, cellulite and liver disease. More usual benefits are hydration, controlled cholesterol and an improved immune system, with some believing it can flush out toxins, uric acid and excess water, thanks to it's diuretic properties.

Wellbeing Specialist to the stars, Akcelina Cvijetic says, 'The birch tree has been called 'the tree of life' and used as a medicinal plant for centuries throughout Eastern and Northern Europe as well as Northern China.'

'Birch sap contains electrolytes such as potassium helping with hydration as well as flavonoids rich in antioxidant properties. However, it also contains sugars and commercial birch water may contain even higher amounts due to added sugars, so be aware and always read the lables!'

'I’m a big fan of organic Birch Cellulite Oil produced by reputable companies like Weleda and I would like to see more scientific research on the birch water, so that we can safely enjoy the benefits of this heralded drink de jour!'

Already regularly used in America, Eastern Europe and China and sold on, birch water will be readily available in bottled form in the UK from next year. But if you have a silver birch tree in your garden, you can harvest the water for yourself - but only in the spring, when the sap runs along the inside of the trunk. The water also has a short shelf life, meaning many of us will be getting our fix from shops and websites.

Birch tree sap also looks set to become the must have skincare ingredient for next year. A new skincare brand, Botanifque, has followed suit, creating a range of products 'enhanced' with birch tree sap. Promising to calm redness, correct an uneven complexion and tighten up sagging skin, all the while protecting against free radicals and pollution, this looks set to be the next big buzz in the beauty world too. Check out the collection for yourself at

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