Big bottoms are good for health

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  • It's official: big bottoms are good for our health

    It’s the news women everywhere have been waiting to hear – bigger bottoms could be better for our health, new research suggests.

    Scientists say that body fat under the skin – especially on the buttocks – could cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

    Experts believe that ‘subcutaneous’ fat could produce hormones known as adipokines, which boost metabolism. After tests on mice, where the subcutaneous fat was moved to the abdominal area, there was a decrease in body weight, fat mass and blood sugar levels.

    By contrast, moving fat to other areas of the body had no effect whatsoever.

    Lead researcher Professor Ronald Khan said: ‘The surprising thing was that it wasn’t where the fat was located, it was the kind of fat that was the most important variable.

    ‘Even more surprising, it wasn’t that abdominal fat was exerting negative effects, but that subcutaneous fat was producing a good effect.’

    Dr Ian Campbell, medical director of the charity Weight Concern, said: ‘If there is something about subcutaneous fat which is protective, and actually decreases insulin resistance, this could help open up a whole new debate on the precise role fat has on our metabolism.’

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