Average lunch break now just 16 minutes long

Stressed out workers are taking an average of just 16 minutes for their lunch breaks, according to a new report

Marie Claire news: lunch
Marie Claire news: lunch
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Stressed out workers are taking an average of just 16 minutes for their lunch breaks, according to a new report

The average office worker now takes a mere 16 minutes for their lunch break, according to figures released yesterday.

The survey revealed that taking a leisurely hour break in the middle of the day is almost unheard of for stressed out workers, with two thirds of employees admitting to eating at their desks while they were still working.

One in ten claimed they never got a break, according to the Lunch Breaks report commissioned by WindSetlers gel capsules.

Pressures at work mean most people are taking just a quarter of their hour-long entitlement, and a shocking 3% of the 5,000 adults polled took the full 60 minutes.

Human resources managers were found to take the shortest breaks, with more than half taking just 10 minutes to eat their lunch, while the longest breaks were enjoyed by customer services workers, with six out of 10 clocking off for the full hour, regardless of their workload.

Commenting on the new findings, nutritionist Dr Chris Fenn said: ‘Skipping lunch is a common trend and can be very bad for your health.

'Eating quickly means you’ll swallow more air than usual, putting extra strain on your digestive system. This trapped air can cause pain and discomfort, so try to slow down and enjoy your meal.’

The research also found that a quarter of workers have moved to packed lunches since the start of the recession in a bid to cut costs.

Do the results of the survey surprise you? How long do you normally take for your lunch break? Let us know your thoughts below…


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