Glass of wine a day increases breast cancer risk

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  • Drinking just one glass of wine a day increases the risk of developing breast cancer by five per cent

    Even moderate consumption of alcohol can increase women’s chances of developing the disease by five per cent according to a recent review.

    And women with a family history of breast cancer are being urged to give up drink altogether.

    The link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer is already known but until now the real risk of daily drinking has not been confirmed.

    ‘Women at an elevated risk for breast cancer such as those with a positive family history, or conditions associated with an increased breast cancer risk should avoid alcohol or consume alcohol only occasionally,’ urges lead author of the review Prof Helmut Seitz from the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

    Women who have more than three drinks on a daily basis could be increasing their risk of breast cancer by up to 50 per cent.

    Each year, 48,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Britain and just under 12,000 die from the disease.

    According to Prof Seitz, the breast is one of the most sensitive organs to over-consumption of alcohol. The female hormone oestrogen can be affected which fuels certain forms of breast cancer.

    ‘Women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by reducing the amount of alcohol they drink, keeping a healthy weight and being physically active,’ says Sarah Williams, health information officer at Cancer Research UK.


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