6 hacks for sleeping comfortably in the summer heat

How to have a comfortable night’s sleep in the heat…


With the sun shining and Pimms fast regaining popularity, it’s safe to say that summer is well and truly still here (for now). Good news, right?

Sure, there’s just one problem. Just as you start feeling brighter and more beautiful with a light summer glow, the thought of getting into bed brings uncomfortable memories and you start to wonder, how much sleep do I actually need to be a fully functioning human?.

The stickiness, the sweatiness, not to mention the end of the spooning season! There is nothing more annoying than tossing and turning your way through an uncomfortably hot night’s sleep.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antionette shows us how to sleep comfortably in the summer heat

This is how it’s done (source: giphy)

Don’t fear. Here are our top tips for keeping cool and sleep well during the summer nights ahead…

Let the air in

Experts believe that the optimum room temperature to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep is between 16°C and 18°C. This one may seem obvious, but so many people forget to open their windows at night. Alternatively, keep the windows open for a few hours before you go to sleep to cool the room down.

Keep hydrated
Again obvious, but a small glass of ice-cold water can help to decrease body temperature significantly. If you’re a fan of a relaxing herbal tea before bed, why not cool it in the fridge or freezer and make an iced tea version?

Keep it cotton
Your satin sheets may be super sexy but they also absorb heat, making you sweat. Instead, opt for soft, light-coloured cotton sheets, keeping crisp and cool throughout the night.

Get loose

Lock away your fleecy leggings. Tight, restrictive clothing is a real killer when it comes to heat retention. Wear loose cotton pyjamas that are breathable and will help prevent you sweating during the night. We recommend either a cute short set, or a cool baggy nightshirt.

Turn off the lights

It often goes unnoticed, but the lights in your home project heat. To help cool your house down, turn off the lights whenever you can or opt for a lamp instead. Eco-points and more sleep… yes please!

Cold water bottle
You may have thought it was time to bid goodbye to your hot water bottle until next winter, but why not just update your bedtime buddy to fit with the season? Fill it up with water and place it in the freezer without its cover on. When it is frozen, re-clothe your bottle and voila! You have a handy bed cooler. You can even simply freeze a bottle of water for an easy home-made version.

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