100 Bites Diet: We Have So Many Questions…

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  • We see a few flaws with this latest dieting craze.

    Dieting fads come and go, but the latest craze, the 100 bites diet, leaves us asking a lot of questions.

    The idea is pretty simple. There are 11 calories (17 for men) in a single bite of food, say researchers at Clemson University in the US. If you take 100 bites, that’s 1,100 calories – about half of your suggested daily calorie intake. So stick to 100 bites per day and you’ll be shedding the pounds before you know it. In theory.

    The researchers at Clemson are developing a pedometer-esque bracelet called the ‘Bite Monitor’ that will count your bites for you by measuring how many times you bring your hand up to your mouth. Already on the market, there is also the HAPIfork, which vibrates when you eat too fast and a talking plate that tells you when to stop.

    Is the 100 bites diet a winner? We’re not convinced.

    The premise of the diet is that you’re supposed focus more on measuring how you eat instead of what you eat. But your calorie intake from 100 bites of celery will be vastly different from 100 chomps of a pork pie. And what if you can eat that pork pie in two bites? (A feat easily accomplished when hungover or ravenously hungry.)

    Alas, if only there were a product that gave you a slap on the wrist every time you reached for a bar of chocolate… 

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