If you have a good sex life your partner is more likely to cheat

Sorry WHAT?

Sorry WHAT?

Ah, cheating sucks. Doesn't it?

A lot of research has been done into why people cheat. Does your partner's name make them more likely to cheat? Do they stray because there's actually a most popular day of the year for cheating? Is there really any excuse good enough to warrant it, anyway?

Then there's the matter of what actually is the worst form of cheating? Is emotional cheating worse than sleeping with someone else? And does flirting count as cheating?

Well, new research into why one partner cheats on another has just come to light. And prepare to be surprised.

Apparently, couples who have a good sex life are actually more likely to find themselves at the centre of infidelity.

Yep, the more time you spend having mind-blowing orgasms the more likely you are to want them more often. Which actually makes sense, when you think about it.

To conduct the research, a team of researchers from Florida State University studied newly married couples for up to three and half years.

The 233 participants were asked to document personal details about their marriage, including how satisfied they were and if they had been unfaithful.

The participants were also given pictures of attractive and average looking men and women and to state how likely they were to do the dirty on their other half.

The study found that someone who stopped looking at the photos of an attractive person quickly were less likely to be the one who cheats.

On top of that, the research found that men with a more attractive wife were less likely to cheat than women with a more attractive husband.

So, urm, stop having good sex we guess?