Spiced cherry sour cocktail

Impressive to look at, impressive to taste!

Impressive to look at, impressive to taste!

25ml Evangelista Ratafia
25ml Martel V/S
20ml lemon juice
10ml spiced berry cordial (Bottle Green does a good version)
15ml cranberry juice
1 anise star
1 goji berry

1. Chill your Martini glass with heaped ice
2. Into a cocktail shaker add the Evangelista Ratafia, Martel V/S, lemon juice, spiced berry cordial and cranberry juice
2. Fill with ice
3. Shake well
4. Empty the Martini glass of ice and strain the shaken liquid in
5. Decorate with an anise star and goji berries

This original recipe comes courtesy of the ever-talented bartenders at Ping Pong.

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