Oatly's dairy-free ice cream is here to satisfy your sweet tooth (and the flavours sound delicious)

oatly ice cream

There are lots of sweet treats out there at the moment, from the Halloween special Creepy Colin the Caterpillar to the Percy the Pig advent calendar.

But what is available when it comes to vegan friendly ice cream? Yes, the weather has taken a chilly turn but let's be honest - ice cream is welcome all year round.

And with Veganuary becoming more popular than ever, if you're making the change to plant-based in 2020 you'll be on the lookout for some vegan snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Enter oat-based milk alternative Oatly. They're launching their own range of dairy-free ice creams and the flavours sound delicious.

There's a Chocolate Fudge flavour complete with fudge bites, a Hazelnut Swirl option with candied hazelnuts and a salty caramel sauce, and the Salted Caramel offering is 'something slightly magical' with 'the flavour and texture and creaminess of this ice cream' - and all products are completely vegan, with the ice cream made from oats and not dairy.

'We're excited to see our much-anticipated Oatly Ice Creams finally hit UK freezers,' says Ishen Paran, General Manager at Oatly UK.

'The three unashamedly indulgent flavours broaden our UK product range from Oat drinks, to sweet treats that pack a flavour punch.

'We're grateful for the nationwide support from Tesco and can't wait to see how Oatly fans react. We're committed to providing new ways to easily make the switch from dairy to oat to protect the planet in the process.'

The pots of creamy goodness will be landing exclusively in Tescos on October 28th and will cost £4.50.

We're oats so excited.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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