Here’s The Easiest Hydrating Juice You’ll Ever Make

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones convinces the beauty desk that juicing is for all...

Hands up if the idea of having a juice rather than breakfast doesn’t appeal? I hear you. In fact, I was you, until Elizabeth Peyton-Jones came in to make this video and convinced me that whipping up a morning rehydrating juice was really a very good idea.

My reticence probably ran along similar lines as yours does: juice tends to be wildly expensive (thanks to trendy ‘super foods’ and zillions of ingredients I’d need a whole day off work to source), and also takes ages to make – as I’m not a morning person, I have about ten seconds to spare for food and definitely don’t have time to cut what feels like thousands of root vegetables up.

Onto Elizabeth Peyton-Jones and her wonderful, easy peasy juice recipes, then. Here’s what she told me that finally made me join the juice camp: ingredients don’t need to be expensive and extensive; a juice can genuinely be satisfying in the morning when geared towards rehydrating, and – most vitally for me – it takes all of two seconds to whizz up.

Another surprising benefit: I’d previously eschewed eating before getting to the office as I’m in a whirlwind and would prefer to have breakfast when not dashing around searching for my second sock. A juice solves this problem: just blend at home, throw in a flask and drink on the commute. Problem solved.

Watch the above video to see Elizabeth making her absurdly easy morning rehydration juice recipe containing:

– Celery: a diuretic that’ll aid lymphatic drainage and is also filling thanks to the fibre content.
– Cucumber: a rich source of silica that’ll plump skin.
– Chia seeds: containing fibre, omegas and proteins, these will provide the oomph to the juice, as well as helping to keep you full and your cells happily hydrated all day. 

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