Remember these? 9 chocolates from the 90s & 00s that we want back

Take a sweet trip down memory lane as we revisit the best forgotten treats to celebrate National Chocolate Week

90s Retro Chocolate Double Cream
90s Retro Chocolate

Take a sweet trip down memory lane as we revisit the best forgotten treats

Chocolate - who doesn't love it? Whether it's dusted over our cappuccinos, spread on toast or demolished by the packet-load, the sweet and brown stuff is everywhere.

And if you needed to justify your chocolate cravings anymore, there's even a theory which holds that chocolate makes you smarter by improving cognitive function. Indeed, scientists conducted a global study comparing national chocolate consumption with the number of Nobel prize laureates per capita and found a strong correlation. So, pass us the Crunchie.

To celebrate the deliciousness of the UK’s favourite cocoa product, we’ve compiled a list of the gone-but-not-forgotten chocolate bars from the 90s that used to grace our lips.

1. Double Cream (above)

Launched in 2002, this rich, creamy chocolate bar - despite being utterly delicious - suffered poor sales from the get-go. Two years in and Nestle launched a £3 million marketing campaign, slashing prices and rebranding the packet. A white chocolate, fruity version called Double Berry was also launched but only garnered limited success (despite our frenzied purchasing at the time) and things came to a bittersweet end in 2005.

Source: Chocolate Review

2. KitKat Senses

As delicious as these cream-filled nutty creations were, Nestle still saw fit to remove them from the shelves after just a few years. A pre-X Factor Cheryl posing in a leopard print hat with the chocolate bar strangely didn’t help slumping sales, either.

Source: Tumblr/thelittlemisscrazyme 3. Cadbury Dream

For the white chocolate aficionados, nothing was dreamier than the Cadbury’s white chocolate, chunky bar. Although they made a few Christmas guest appearances in the Miniature Heroes box before disappearing, the Dream was fazed out a few years ago.

Source: Tumblr/thelittlemisscrazyme

4. Taz

A Taz bar was basically a caramel Freddo with different packaging. But we liked having the choice. Obviously the Taz cartoon just wasn't popular enough. But who remembers when these chocolate bars were just 5p?!

Source: Tumblr/heartzandmre

5. Snaps

These amazingly moreish chocolate thins could be demolished easily in one sitting and came in different flavours mint and hazelnut. Our theory is that Pringles couldn’t deal with the competition.

Source: Bloomberg

6. Mars Delight

This smooth and crispy little slice of heaven wasn’t very similar to a normal Mars, in fact, it was actually far superior. Rippled wafer surrounded by chocolate and caramel cream - we’re still pining for this even after it was canned in 2008.

Source: Creative Commons/Wikipedia

 7. Snow Flake/Flake Snow

The chocolate death knell was ringing once more in 2008 when Cadbury canned their white chocolate centred version of the original Flake. Running since the 1970s under the name Snow Flake, this was changed in 2003 to Flake Snow– perhaps to make people forget Anthea Turner’s ‘Flakegate’ scandal in 2000.

Source: Chocablog

8. Fuse

Launched in 1996, Fuse was a chunky block of Cadbury’s chocolate containing nuts raisins, crisp and fudge pieces. Once Britain’s most popular chocolate bar, 2006 was the year when we last held this purple-coated bar in our hands.


9. Toffos

Ok - so not strictly chocolate but still delicious, these sweet toffee-flavoured chews were pulled from shelves by Nestle in 2008 as well. (What a terrible year for chocolate.)

Source: Good To Know

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