Here are the countries where 'I hate my husband' is Googled the most

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Feeling the love this Valentine's Day?


A new survey has revealed the countries where 'I hate my husband' is the biggest 'I hate' search term. And the results appear to show that loathing your other half isn't limited to one continent.

In this interactive map compiled by, which measured the most common types of 'I hate' and 'I love' search terms measured in one month around the world, 'I hate my husband' was the most Googled term in 18 countries. These countries are spread across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with 'I hate my husband' coming in top in France, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Libya and Qatar.

But in the UK it would seem we've got grievances elsewhere. In the UK, as well as in the U.S.A and Finland, the biggest 'I hate' search term is 'I hate my job.'

In Uruguay the search term that came in top was 'I hate women', while in Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia it was 'I hate men.'

Iceland, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan didn't appear to discriminate on the basis of gender, with 'I hate people' as the most-searched term. Depressingly, 'I hate that I'm a woman' was the biggest search term in China.

But it's not all bad. Flip the switch and the map also reveals the highest number of 'I love' search terms around the world. It would seem ladies are a little more expressive in this area too, with 13 countries typing 'I love my husband' but (in contrast) only one country (Kenya) showing 'I love my wife' in the top spot.

Other top 'I love' search terms around the world are 'I love sushi' (Canada) 'I love my job' (Russia) 'I love Facebook' (Madagascar) and 'I love Ukraine' (Ukraine).

Lucy Pavia