You won’t believe how much the average cost of attending a wedding as a couple is


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Wedding season is wonderful in so many ways. We get to buy new outfits. We get to explore new beautiful venues - and of course, we get to celebrate the union between people we love.

But, it's also bloody expensive.

We all know how much it costs to go to a friend's wedding and it's pretty extortionate to be honest.

The average wedding cost is in the tens of thousands but at least that's for your big day. What about when it's just for a friend?

Well, apparently the average cost of attending a wedding is £400 per person, so yes, that's £800 for a couple.

Why is it so high? It's because the average stag do costs men £153 to attend while the average hen party will put a woman back £249.

Research by Nationwide Current Accounts, which included a poll of 2,000 adults has outlined the costs and it's no wonder people are starting to decline wedding invites.

Apparently 25% of guests are deciding not to go while one in six have become overdrawn or borrowed money just to be able to attend.

The survey also shows that male wedding guests spend £21 more than female wedding guests, £411 compared to £391.

This is how the costs of attending a wedding breaks down...

Pre-wedding celebrations

The poll shows those who take part in the stag or hen do spend an additional £153, with over a quarter (27%) spending more than £200 per occasion. However, stags still spend more than hens (£171 vs £134) partying as they tend to go further afield with double the amount of men celebrating abroad compared to women (12% vs 6%). Although, the traditional local night out on the town (41%) still does remain a solid choice.

The wedding ceremony

The research shows guests are spending an average of £249 on the wedding day itself which includes paying for new outfits, gifts, travel, hotel stays and drinks. And almost a quarter (22%) spend over £300.


The Northern Irish are the most generous, spending £64, while people in Wales are the least generous spending around £40. The younger age groups are also less generous, spending £30 less than those aged over 55 (£29 compared to £59).

Delphine Chui