This is the age that Brits finally feel like 'proper adults'

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Millennials are doing things very differently to their Baby Boomers parents. They're moving out later (unsurprising considering this is what it costs to buy your first property these days), it's okay if you don't want to start a family (hurrah! Choice!) and avocados are what cheese and pineapple sticks were in the 70s.

But while previous generations have settled down at a much earlier age, it seems that modern Brits don't feel like 'proper adults' until they're in their late twenties. In fact, the feeling doesn't kick in until they're 29 years old.

A study by savings and mortgage provider Nottingham Building Society surveyed 2,000 Brits to find out what they believe qualifies them as an adult.

Of the participants, 3 in 5 said they felt like a 'proper adult' before the age of 30, a quarter believed they wouldn't do so until age 60 or over.

Why? The main reasons include avoiding serious responsibilities (5o%), replying on parents for support (48%) and still just having fun (35%).

The majority of adulthood markers are money-focused, with financial stability taking the lead. A third said that their poor money management skills stopped them from being a ‘proper adult’ and property was also a key milestone, with more than one in five Brits believing that they need to own a house or flat before reaching adult status.

Jenna McKenzie-Day, Senior Savings Manager at The Nottingham, said: 'The survey data has given an interesting insight into British attitudes towards saving and how having control of your finances is such a big part of feeling like a true ‘adult’.

'There really is no age limit on starting your savings journey, and there are a few simple steps you can take to start effectively managing your money, such as tracking your spending habits through an app, or setting up a budget spreadsheet to see how much you can realistically save each month.'

Agreed that most of us don't feel like adults most of the time, but there are some exceptions. Like when you wake up without a hangover on a Sunday and actually do all your washing. Or watching Question Time instead of catching up on Stranger Things.

Treasure those brief adult moments because you won't feel like a real grown up until you're 29 (or 60). Sorry.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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