Kylie Minogue: ‘That dress was a bit scandalous at the time’

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  • The singer talks us through her most iconic outfits

    Think about it: is there a singer out there with more iconic (and quite frankly brilliant) outfits than Kylie Minogue? The Galliano PVC trench, the white jumpsuit, those gold shorts… After thirty years in the biz, it’s fair to say that Kylie has had her fare share of fun when it comes to fashion.

    So I’m not exactly surprised that when I meet her at the Corinthia hotel in London (to discuss her latest collaboration with Specsavers), she’s looking very on-trend in a pastel pink jumper, printed Prada dress and white ankle boots.

    What better outfit to take a little walk down fashion memory lane? Here, she talks me through her most iconic looks.

    Kylie Minogue Got To Be Certain cover 1988

    This is ‘I’ve been to London’. I can’t remember if I shot this in London or back in Australia. They were Red or Dead shoes, it was very King’s Road, the garage with those stores. I’ve got my hair in the up-down look, in fact I have a fringe now I could bring it back. That was my third video, Got To Be Certain, that is an iconic outfits.

    Kylie Minogue Let’s Get To It Tour 1991

    kylie minogue outfits

    That was by John Galliano. I actually don’t know where it is, no one knows where all the costumes from that tour are, it’s a mystery. It was a bit scandalous at the time. I don’t see myself doing that again, but we did it! I could wear it now but with something a bit more sensible under.

    Kylie Minogue Spinning Around gold shorts, 2000

    Dec wore a copy of these shorts at the weekend, it was hilarious! The original ones are in a museum and you can’t actually touch them unless you’re wearing white gloves. It’s so weird to see them all there. There was one outfit that had this headpiece and I could see it wasn’t sitting properly and I was manhandling it and there was practically au audible gasp of people with their white gloves. That’s the moment I realised these weren’t mine anymore.

    My girlfriend bought those for 50p and the stylist I was working with dragged it out of my wardrobe and went ‘what about these’? There was a zip so actually quite easy to get on. They were from the 70s or 80s so already vintage. None of us could’ve predicted they would become their own situation.

    Kylie Minogue Spinning Around jumpsuit, 2001

    That was by Mrs Jones. It looked like nothing on the hanger, like someone’s left their sheet there. I went to meet her at her studio with a stylist. That one did involve a bit of trickery to stay in all the right places. That’s in my top three of iconic outfits. I donated it to the Performing Arts Museum in Melbourne.

    Kylie Minogue on tour 2002

    kylie minogue outfits

    My mannequin at Madam Tussaud’s wears this. What’s weird is that second to the Queen my costume has been remade the most. That’s all Dolce & Gabbana, a really strong time for me with looks. I was at a point in my life where I could wear all of that and not worry too much about anything. Now I look back and think, ‘did I really where that’? They’ve done tonnes of great stuff for me. With some Dolce pieces, they might not look impressive on the hanger but you do the zip up and you say ‘wow, I don’t know whose body that is but I’ll take it’.

    Kylie Minogue Showgirl Homecoming tour 2006

    kylie minogue outfits

    That’s me going down the shop for my milk ha! That’s the Showgirl homecoming tour, so after I’d been ill and had all my treatment. Those things weigh a ton. I had more sensible shoes on, I had more coverage. I had a zip in that one I think, which is enough to give Mr Pearl a heart attack (he’s the famous corset maker). We just had to take some other things into consideration. I managed to drag that around, honestly some of my outfits. One was a chain outfit with jewels, if I hand that to a strong man, they’ll go ‘what, you wear that?’ – it’s an easy trick to impress people. That’s pretty much how I vaguely stay fit.

    Kylie Minogue Jubilee 2012

    kylie minogue outfits

    Pretty timely as Judy Blame passed away recently. I loved wearing that, I don’t think it photographed that well. I had Union Jack bunting in my front window, prior to that I had never said the word bunting. It was such a great year. Even that event, I really felt in it, that view down the Mall with people and flags, it was amazing. Backstage was dramatic, the day before was torrential rain, we did the sound test with those plastic ponchos, we were soaked everywhere. I didn’t trip in those heels too, which is good. I call myself a heels stunt woman, I can do most things in a heel.

    Kylie Minogue Brits 2016, wearing Ralph & Russo

    kylie minogue outfits

    I enjoyed wearing that so much, it’s Ralph & Russo, who are Australian, based here. They also do dresses that flatter a woman but you still notice the person. I’m chuffed for them that Meghan Markle wore their dress for her engagement picture.

    Kylie Minogue wearing glasses

    kylie minogue

    I basically don’t go anywhere without glasses, so my collaboration with Specsavers (out now) was pretty natural. There are different styles for different occasions. I wear the embellished frames on a night out. I drove them all mad asking for blue and pink lenses too, I got so many comments when I wore them that people were well jel. I started wearing glasses quite early, when I was about 21, as I’d need glasses if I was reading for more than 20 minutes. There was a transition period where when I went on a date or for dinner, if I’d get my glasses out it could nosedive, now it’s a thing.

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