This is apparently the most popular Disney Princess of all time...

And we're not very happy about it

Petition calls for plus-size Disney princesses

And we're not very happy about it

During childhood Disney Princesses are like big sisters – ones that we looked to at every turn. Everyone had a favourite - we dressed like them, quoted them, mimicked their movements (with some of us even singing to birds and squirrels) and most importantly, we were fiercely loyal to them.

So when Whisper uploaded a public poll, asking women to vote for their favourite, many took to the site to vote for their Disney Princess of choice. We’re glad to know we’re not the only ones taking this seriously.

After a whopping 80,000 votes, it was revealed that the most popular Disney Princess of all time is…Cinderella.

Yes we’re serious! Cinderella.

A controversial (read: wrong) decision if you ask us, or you know… anyone else.

No offence to Cinders but we've got to call this one out. And it seems we’re not alone with Disney fans across the globe challenging the result online.

Yes OK, her hubby is charming and she lives in an awesome castle, but isn't she also just a bit... vanilla?

She doesn’t run off to fight the Huns or protect her land from colonizers, she just talks to birds and sweeps – almost on par dull-wise with Snow White. Yes Snow White is a nice person and her make up is flawless, but she also eats a dodgy apple pretty early on and falls asleep for the entire film – not really the female protagonist that dreams are made of.

Dissatisfied with the poll’s final result, we did our own tally in the Marie Claire office to see who was MC’s most popular Disney Princess. Here are our favourites… 1. Ariel, The Little Mermaid: 9 votes ‘I was a ginger child (although my mum denied it) and Ariel was ginger and loving it. And she was also a ginger MERMAID.’ Holly Rains, deputy digital editor

2. Mulan: 7 votes ‘She ran away to war, brought honour to her ancestors, predicted the topknot trend, had a dragon as a sidekick…oh and she saved China. Enough said really.’ Jenny Proudfoot, features assistant

3. Pocahontas: 5 votes ‘Pocahontas was my favourite, possibly because I wanted a pet raccoon to plait my hair and I was just obsessed with that turquoise necklace.’ Caroline Leaper, digital junior editor

4. Jasmine, Aladdin: 4 votes ‘She was the only Disney Princess who was slightly ethnic… plus Aladdin was hot.’ Anita Bhagwandas, senior beauty editor

5. Belle, Beauty and the Beast: 3 votes ‘She may date a beast for the majority of the film, but she’s beautiful, independent and she’s best friends with Lumiere.’Charlotte Clarke, beauty assistant

6. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty: 2 votes ‘I can totally relate to Aurora’s laziness. Sleeping for 100 years? Yes please. Sounds like a dream.’ Ciara Sheppard, digital writer

7. Merida, Brave: 1 vote ‘She has great hair, not to mention she’s a pretty good archer!’ Hannah Lyons Powell, digital editor

7. Anna, Frozen: 1 vote ‘She just rocks: she’s got tonnes of character, balls, doesn’t give up in the face of danger. She’s everything a princess should be – Elsa’s a miserable bitch. People just prefer her because she’s blonde and that’s really depressing.’ Lauren Franklin, digital writer

Sorry Cinders, but you didn’t even place. Us Marie Claire girls seem to like the strong, outspoken go-getters of the Disney Princess posse, that’s for sure.

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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