Someone cut all the Harry Potter films into one 80-minute movie, and it's intense

Just wow

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Just wow

Words - Sarah Terry

All together, the movies in the Harry Potter trilogy total over nineteen hours of the Wizarding World. Each film covers one year following Harry Potter at Hogwarts, except for The Deathly Hallows, which breaks one year into two parts. But one brave Potter fan just cut Harry Potter’s story down to one 80-minute movie, and it’s pretty intense.

Tim Steifler took the idea of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which follows several formative years of a young boy’s life, and applied it to J.K. Rowling’s stories. The result is an interesting narrative about the Boy Who Lived, but it obviously also cuts out some of our favourite parts.

The entire film, entitled Wizardhood is available on Vimeo here:

The film uses large parts from The Philosopher's Stone, because obviously it has to introduce everyone to the world. The film then uses only small bits from The Chamber of Secrets through The Goblet of Fire to establish the building pressure on Harry Potter. The bulk of the movie shows Harry Potter’s hunt for the Horcruxes, using pieces from The Half-Blood Prince through The Deathly Hallows. The tale does maintain Ron and Hermione’s love story. And it keeps Snape’s story, because how could you cut that?

But what’s most disappointing is the stuff they’ve cut — basically all things we love.

The 80-minute version doesn’t have time for Sirius, which is a HUGE bummer. Dobby is also disappointingly absent. One moment that always stood out to us as the moment where the series (and Harry) really took a turn was Cedric Diggory’s murder. That seems like it would be too important to cut, but in the shorter version, Harry moves pretty quickly into the plan to defeat Voldermort.

While this shortened version is an interesting experiment, we still prefer the full nineteen-plus hours of wizarding wonder.

Because with the Harry Potter movies, more always seems better!

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