So THIS is how Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair became 'Chair'

Josh Schwartz has opened up about how Chuck and Blair became 'Chair'...

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Josh Schwartz has opened up about how Chuck and Blair became 'Chair'...

Gossip Girl co-writer and noughties TV God, Josh Schwartz (the man who also gave us The OC) recently revealed something about Chuck and Blair that could have changed the show as we all know and love it.

In an interview with Vulture, Josh blew minds worldwide after confessing that Chuck and Blair's relationship was never originally planned into the show's storyline.

'None of that was expected. Chuck came into the show as the villain. But it's one of those great, fun things about making a television series - it's an evolving, living, breathing thing, and things can easily change on a whim.' Josh said.

Fans of the show will know that Blair Waldorf is no angel herself. Yet, despite the pair's mutual bonding and evil scheming 'they came into the show as very different kinds of roles,' he revealed. Thankfully, 'the chemistry between them took over,' and Chair (as they are infamously known) was born.

Chuck and Blair Chair Gossip Girl

'You get an actor like Ed Westwick and see the chemistry he had with Leighton Meester, and their scenes just crackled,' Josh said.

'In a way, that love story between those two characters was always one of the overarching stories of the whole show, and we knew that,' he added.

'You can challenge them, you can put them with other people (who remembers Dan and Blair?). But the plan for Chuck and Blair was always a "long-term play" once we saw that chemistry.'

'As far as we pushed them, we always had to be able find a way to bring them back together,' said Josh.

And boy are we glad they did, Gossip Girl simply would not be the same without Chuck and Blair ruling the Upper East Side.

That being said, we do totally support Leighton Meester and Adam Brody IRL. The pair are married and have recently had a baby girl, making Adam one of our favourite celebrity dads out there.