There could have been ANOTHER addition to the Weasley family

Meet Mafalda.

mafalda weasley

Meet Mafalda.

It's fair to say that J.K. Rowling doesn't half like to keep us on our toes when it comes to Harry Potter related news. The author recently shocked us all after dropping this truth bomb regarding a certain Dean Thomas (or should we say Gary?), and now we've only gone and found out that there was actually meant to be ANOTHER addition to the Weasley clan (because you know, nine Weasley's just isn't enough).

Back in the year 2000, J.K. Rowling gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly in which she revealed a plot hole in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that caused the fourth book in the popular series to be two months behind deadline.

The plot hole? A Miss Mafalda Weasley.

J.K. Rowling had previously mentioned this could-be Weasley on her website before it was redesigned in 2012, which deleted many of her discussions.

Apparently Mafalda was going to be a cousin of Ron and co and was due to stay at The Burrow in preparation for starting at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and entering into the wizarding world.

Described as the daughter of a squib and muggle, Mafalda was set to be a rather unpleasant and complicated character who would (obviously) have been sorted into the Slytherin house. And yes, we are already imaging a Romeo and Juliet styled romance between her and Draco. Personally we think Mafalda Malfoy has a rather nice ring to it.

Mafalda was also due to be highly academic, to the point that she would have rivalled Hermione for the top spot in most classes. Though apparently she would have supplied Hermione, Ron and Harry insider death eater information in a bid to impress the trio.

Of course this isn't the first Harry Potter subplot we've been hit with, just recently we uncovered that this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows love triangle almost went ahead and could have changed everything about the movie as we know it.

So why didn't Mafalda make into into the movies, or the books for that matter? J.K. Rowling apparently found her character to be too far from the book's main plot so cut her from the story.

Understandable, though Mafalda sounds like she would have been a cracking character.