J.K. Rowling is exactly like Ron Weasley in this one way

And we totally get it...

And we totally get it...

Words Olivia Bahou

From the editors of InstyleUS

J.K. Rowling, the mastermind behind the Harry Potter franchise, might seem completely fearless, but it turns out she's actually just like the rest of us. While in the past she has admitted to identifying with the brilliant witch Hermione Granger, one of her more recent tweets suggests she may have more in common with Ron Weasley than any of us previously thought.

'I have often said that Hermione is a bit like me when I was younger,' she once wrote on her website. 'I think I was seen by other people as a right little know-it-all.'

While she identifies with Hermione’s brains, she has something entirely different in common with Ron Weasley: a fear of spiders.

Rowling took to Twitter on Sunday to share a photo of a terrifying insect that was blocking her way—and thank her husband for dealing with the problem.

'I am a strong, independent woman. Also, thanks very much to my husband for dealing with this so I could go through the door it was blocking,' she wrote.

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Look at the size of that thing’s pinchers!

If you recall, Harry's BFF is terrified of arachnids. Back in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ron scoffs at Hagrid's instruction to 'follow the spiders.' And when Aragog, a massive Acromantula, subsequently tries to eat him, Ron permanently decides that spiders should never be trusted—or "followed."

In summary: we will not be calling on the help of Ron or J.K if we ever find a spider in the bathtub.

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