The internet can’t help but point out this *tiny* mistake in the latest Sherlock episode

Did you see it?

Words – Meaghan Kirby

Yes, it was a Christmas TV highlight, but it’s safe to say things were looking pretty bleak at the end of the Sherlock Season 4 premiere. ‘The Six Thatchers’ brought the [SPOILER ALERT – don’t read the next line if you’re waiting to watch this!!] death of Mary Morstan, who shielded Sherlock from a bullet meant for him.

While things in the world of Sherlock have gotten pretty dark, we can’t help but laugh a lot at a small error that has Twitter in a frenzy.

All fans of Sherlock know, John Watson keeps a blog of Sherlock’s adventures solving crimes around London. An early moment in ‘The Six Thatchers’ features a sequence in which Sherlock solves cases, and John blogs about it. Unfortunately for co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, there was an unfortunate camera angle that captured an important blog error.

As John ‘types’ a blog post, the file is clearly a screenshot of the blog, labelled JOHN BLOG POST.jpg.

And Twitter is loving it:

Okay, so this probably isn’t hilarious for ~that~ many people, but for people who work in the editorial or photo industries, it’s one of those ridiculous mishaps that’s just too funny. For those who aren’t familiar, a .jpg is a photo file, something you couldn’t possibly type a blog page on.

In short, John is not typing a blog post, he’s simply banging nonsense on a keyboard with a screenshot of his blog page in front of him. Oh John, you silly amateur writer, stick to practicing medicine.

While, admittedly, whether or not John was actually typing a blog post wasn’t exactly relevant to the plot of ‘The Six Thatchers’, it was nice to find something to laugh at during a dark episode of Sherlock.

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