The 4 Facebook Watch shows that need to be on your radar

For when you're travelling or just scoffing chocolate in your chops on the sofa...

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Words by Maisie Bovingdon

We all need a little 'me time' every now and again. While for some that may simply be indulging in chocolate and fast food on the weekends with a face mask, others may be planning their next road trip, or weekend away, to visit the in laws or just jetting away for a change of scene.

Whether you need to line up a series of shows while you put your feet up and gorge on the sweet treats so you don't have to move a muscle for hours, or a playlist to while away the hours on your commute, we have you covered.

From teen dramas to talk shows, gripping adventure shows to tear jerkers, here are four must-sees, exclusive on Facebook Watch.


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got married in 1997. The marriage was Will's second

Will Smith’s Bucket List

We all have a soft spot for Will, from his early Fresh Prince days to Suicide Squad, and we STILL know every lyric to his track 'Switch', but now we can see Will in a whole new light.

The actor has a long bucket list, and this series follows him ticking off his challenges - it's a must watch for those who love Will, get a kick out of adventure, or wants some inspiration for their own bucket list.

From filming a Bollywood movie, to skydiving in Dubai, racing Lewis Hamilton on the track, as he travels across the globe.

If that wasn't enough he is joined by his uber talented family in the six-part series.

SKAM Austin

This American teen drama explores all the trials and tribulations of a group of youngsters, from school life, to young love and what they do in their free time.

The series - inspired by the Norwegian version Skam - offers a realistic and unfiltered look at what teenagers get up to and it's been a huge hit ever since its debut in 2018.

Season two has just dropped with four episodes in it so far, but start from season one with a full 10 episodes to get your teeth into.

Red Table Talk

The one with Jordyn Woods right? You got it!

Jada Pinkett Smith has rounded up three generations - her mum Adrienne, and daughter Willow - for her reality show, and the trio are often joined by celebrity guests.

The family and their guests open up about various topics on the show; from R Kelly's victims to family friend Jordyn who candidly discussed THAT Tristan Thompson scandal and sought advice from Jada.

There are over 24 hours worth of shows to watch, with even more coming next month, so even if you're venturing further afield this will be your saviour.

elizabeth olsen

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Sorry for Your Loss

Sometimes all we want is a good cry, and this series will provide exactly that.

This programme, starring Elizabeth Olsen, follows a young widow trying to cope after the sudden death of her husband.

While it is heartbreaking and tear-jerking, and gives us all the feels, watching her journey is cathartic and quite educational.

The countdown is on!

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