5 Things We Learnt When We Chatted to BBC1’s Poldark Star Eleanor Tomlinson

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  • Obsessed with the new Poldark adaptation already? We heart its fabulous and feisty star, Eleanor Tomlinson. Time to meet her...

    She totally didn’t think she’d get the Poldark role…

    ‘I didn’t think for a minute they’d let me audition for the role of Demelza. They asked me to read for Elizabeth but I felt like I’d done so much period drama where I’ve played that role. So it was a good job I asked really! She goes on the most extraordinary journey, starting off as an urchin who’s beaten by her father before becoming Ross Poldark’s maid and eventually mother to his child.’

    Although she was once, quite the ballsy young thing...

    ‘I spent time on set with my dad who is an actor and on stage with my mum who is a singer and suddenly decided I’d quite like to do that. When I was 11, my dad’s agent came over for dinner and I locked all the doors and refused to let her leave until she represented me. She said, ‘I don’t represent children,’ and I said, ‘I don’t care, you’re gonna represent me because you’re not leaving until you do.’ It makes me cringe now. But that led to me doing The Illusionist [playing a young Jessica Biel, aged 12] in 2006.’

    She’s grown up on screen – and proud of it (remember, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging?!)

    ‘My parents came under quite heavy criticism for putting me into the industry so young, which is complete rubbish because of how I forced myself in! I think that was quite hard for them. I guess I have grown up on jobs [Like Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging in 2008] but it’s made me a wiser person. I still feel like I’m growing up to be honest. I feel like every job changes me and I can grow in confidence.’

    Her and her brother Ross are like two peas in a pod

    ‘I couldn’t do this without my brother, Ross’s support. He’s also an actor and he’s amazingly talented. To be able to call someone who immediately gets it, to be able to say ‘oh god, I’ve had the day from hell’ is really cool. I went to see him in a musical recently and sat in the front row weeping. We’re really supportive of each other – but we still fight like hell.’

    She has a dog called Burt Bacharach

    ‘I think it was my mum who decided to call him that. It’s very embarrassing, she’s not even a fan, she just liked the name. He lives in Yorkshire with the family. He’s so big that if I carry him on the escalator people think I’m really weird.’ 

    Poldark is on BBC1 on Sunday nights. Read the full interview in April’s Marie Claire UK.

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