This Snow White fan theory has blown our minds

Prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself.

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

We're all for a fan theory, but this Disney interpretation may have just ruined our childhoods.

The Snow White theory, explored by Buzzfeed, suggests that the Prince is actually a representation of death.

Let's break this down in full:

When Snow White first encounters the Prince by the well, she flees out of supposed embarrassment. Or does she run away because she is scared and senses danger? Shortly afterward, she sends a dove out to him in a moment of flirtation. A dove is symbolic, meaning 'the soul's release from its earth-bound duty'. Interesting...

After Snow bites the poisonous apple and appears to die, the dwarfs take her to the forest to bury her. The Prince then stops by to kiss her, which the theory claims is the final 'kiss of death'. Snow then wakes up, or does she? She could in fact just be waking up to the afterlife to say her final goodbyes.

The princess then gets onto the Prince's horse and rides away into the sunset, with the final shot showing a huge castle on the horizon. Perhaps, the kingdom of heaven?

We're not sure what we think about this one, but we have to say it's an interesting idea.

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