Santa Clarita Diet

Everything you need to know about the Santa Clarita Diet

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  • Like... that it's not actually a diet

    You may have noticed after the Golden Globes that everyone was talking about the Santa Clarita diet – but no, it’s not got anything to do with food, it’s actually the new Netflix show you’re going to be obsessed with.

    The first teaser premiered during the awards show with Drew Barrymore’s character uttering these words on screen: ‘I satisfy all my cravings and eat whoever I want, and I only eat the foods that deserve it.’

    Yes, we’re talking about cannibalism.

    And, yes, we know that that doesn’t exactly sound sexy, but stick with us here.

    The show starts starts February 3rd and sees Drew Barrymore star as a estate agent who somehow becomes undead and needs to eat humans to survive. Her husband, played by Timothy Olyphant gets on side and tries to acommodate her new, er, dietary needs the best he can without disrupting their seemingly perfect suburban life with their teenage daughter Abby (Liv Hewson).

    Think Desperate Housewives meets The Walking Dead. (In fact, it even stars Ricardo Antonio Chavira AKA Carlos from Desperate Housewives.)

    Drew Barrymore told USA Today, ‘There’s a real optimism to the show. I don’t want to watch a show about a couple fighting and falling apart, I can’t handle it right now. It’s not heavy, but it’s not lacking in a sort of sweetness, if you will. But it’s also got bite and backbone and balls. I think it’s a very perfect recipe for 2017 – I like things that are easy to digest. Pun intended.’

    The horror-comedy will play throughout 13 episodes and will slowly unravel just how Drew’s character, Sheila, came to be a cannibal zombie, and promises to get you hooked.

    Still not convinced? Catch some snippets of the show here, alongside interviews with the show’s stars, to see why, come February, everyone’s going to be watching this.

    We never thought we’d say this but a cannibal comedy would be our thing, but hey.

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