Wimbledon 2013: What Celebrities REALLY Get Up To Behind The Scenes

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  • Model carbicide, Grace Jones's spell-casting and a hot new celebrity couple? Here are the three things we discovered when we hung out at the exclusive Evian Live Young VIP suite at Wimbledon.

    Grace Jones challenges Naomi Campbell to a pose-off

    Wimbledon is in full swing and where there is world class tennis, there are celebrities by the bucket load. We headed down to the All-England Club this week to see what really happens in the VIP area at Wimbledon.

    1. Supermodels eat carbs

    We watched on, open-mouthed, as the beautiful judges from The Face – Naomi Campbell, Erin O’Connor and Caroline Winberg, strutted in to the VIP area like the pink carpet was their runway. But, their model behaviour didn’t last long once they spied the snack area. Seriously, Naomi was scoffing pick ‘n’ mix like they were going out of fashion and we’ve never seen someone devour a cupcake as quickly as blonde beauty Caroline. We guess that’s what happens when you haven’t been near carbs or sugar since the 90s!

    Caroline Winberg, Naomi Campbell and Erin O’Connor

    2. Nevermind Downton Abbey’s on-screen romance, is it really brewing off-set, too?
    All eyes were on Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael and new Downton love interest Tom Cullen as they giggled over afternoon tea in the VIP area, but what we really want to know is: could there be a real life love-connection between Laura and Tom? They certainly looked cosy courtside!

    Tom Cullen, Laura Carmichael and Gemma Chan

    3. Grace Jones practices magic
    Our afternoon with Grace Jones is one we’ll never forget. Firstly, the singer rocked up to the VIP suite in a navy hooded jumpsuit and immediately challenged Naomi Campbell to a pose-off. Sorry Naomi, but judging by the photos Grace definitely won hands down! With jugs of champagne (Grace doesn’t drink Pimms – ‘too much sugar, sweetie!’), we took our seats at court one to watch Rafa Nadal (‘he’s a family friend, sweetie’) take on Steve Darcis. Ms Jones soon proved herself to be his loudest fan as she shouted ‘Vamos Rafa! Vamos Rafa!’ and glared at anyone that dared cheer for Steve.

    But, the most surreal moment was yet to come. Visibily distressed at Nadal’s suprisingly poor performance Grace Jones decided she needed to cast a spell to help him win. Asking me to be her third witch (obviously I didn’t hesitate to say yes!), she took my hands and her friend’s and proceeded to chant ‘Vamos Rafa’ over and over again, declaring we were sending him power and energy.

    Sadly our magical powers didn’t work, Nadal was knocked out, Grace burst into tears and fled back to the Evian suite. Drama!

    Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell

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