Best Nosy Reads Ever: The Lives Of The Rich And Famous

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  • Sex, drugs, rock n' roll...and lots of other stuff, too. Here are the best life stories in print

    We love a good biography – or autobiography for that matter. Whether you’re in the mood for a dollop of drama, a slice of adventure, a sizzling love story or just a cracking good read, there’s nothing quite like delving into someone else’s life for sheer escapism.

    Tales of hardship, humour, disasters and triumphs, what matters is that they’re told with a page-turning pace and and as much attention to detail as the best novel.

    And if you thought a biography was just a biography oh, well, you can just think again. There’s the official biography: that means the writer had the subject’s blessing, and access to all their personal papers, letters, photos, best friends for loving quotes and so on. Kind of good, yes, but it also means the celeb in question usually has a pretty strict control over what goes in –  so they may try to (how do we put this?) shape how they’re viewed by their loving public. Then there’s the unofficial bio, which is a sort of smash and grab on the famous bod’s life – just get every morsel you can, from any source and try and publish. Unless they try and sue in which case, good luck. These are the books in which you’ll find disgruntled friends interviewed, waiters that came across the celeb for a week in the summer of 1993 when they frequented their restaurant and exes. Oh those exes.

    Then there are the autobiographies, where celebs decide to reveal e-v-e-r-y-l-i-t-t-l-e-d-e-t-a-i-l about themselves as though it all had an amazing impact on who they became, like where they sat in class and their favourite post-school snack, leaving us frantically flicking through the pages to find the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

    Here’s a selection of our favourites. Some are here because of the amazing stories they tell, some because the photos are awesome, all because their subjects are incredible in some way or another. Enjoy.

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