Kim Cattrall may have turned down the SATC film due to this disturbing storyline with Miranda’s son

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  • Wait, WHAT?

    The rumoured third Sex and the City film has proved almost as divisive as Brexit, with SATC fans splitting off into camps of those for a third movie spin-off and those against.

    This it seems didn’t even exclude the cast members, as its leading ladies Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) and Kim Cattrall (Samantha) locked horns on the subject – and very publicly.

    In fact the SATC feud of 2018 was vicious, with the two women using their public platforms to explain their arguments with their fans.

    Now however, some light has been shed on why Kim Cattrall walked away from the project, and to be honest, we kind of get it.



    Last week it was revealed that the scrapped project featured some pretty questionable storylines, with the main focus being on Mr Big’s shock death. Yes, really.

    And while Cattrall was reportedly saddened by the lack of focus on the four women, it was another storyline that reportedly steered Kim away from the project – involving Samantha and Brady, Miranda’s son.

    The disturbing storyline is reported to have involved Miranda’s now teenage son Brady sending her ‘dick pics’.

    ‘Kim never wanted to really do the movie to begin with,’ a source told E! News. ‘It was a combination of not great money and a bad storyline for Samantha. It was a bad script.’

    So while SJP called the script ‘beautiful’ and ‘breathtaking’, it seems the other cast members didn’t agree.

    Now, how do we get our hands on this script?

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