The Queen just surprised a four-year-old boy on his birthday

And it was lovely

And it was lovely

The Queen has surprised us with some pretty cool moves over the years - there was the time she did an Ali G impression at Christmas to make her grandchildren laugh, the time she and Prince Harry jokingly challenged the Obamas in an Invictus Games video and of course the time she was a Bond girl.

Her most recent act however could be one of her coolest yet, with the Queen taking it upon herself to make a little boy's birthday dream come true.

Four-year old Shaan Dulay invited the Queen to his upcoming birthday party on June 25th, after learning about the monarch in school.

Despite his mother reportedly telling him that Queen Liz would probably be too busy to attend the family gathering, Shaan was adamant, getting his mum's help to write her an invite, posting it off to Buckingham Palace in March.

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'Dear HRH Queen Elizabeth, I think you are the best Queen in the world,' his letter read. 'I really like your crown and the red cloak you wear. It's like a superhero.'

He continued: 'I love horses just like you. I wish I could come and see your horses. That would be so amazing.'

'When I grow up I am going to be a pilot. I would like to fly your planes. Mummy said be kind and help others. When I am big I am going to help the poor children like mummy does. Can you make everyone help the children as you are the Queen and everyone must listen to you?'

He signed off the letter with an invite to his fifth birthday party: 'Can you please come to my house for my birthday? It is on June 25. I need to talk to you about horses, planes and the poor children.'

Shaan and his mother had apparently started to give up hope for a response, when on May 3rd they received a letter with a royal seal - the reply from Buckingham Palace.

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'Dear Shaan, The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter, and for your message of support for Her Majesty at this time,' the letter read.

'Although unable to accept your invitation to come to your house for tea, because of her very busy schedule, The Queen greatly appreciated your kind thought for her, and Her Majesty was pleased to learn that you too like horses.'

The letter concluded: 'The Queen hopes you have a very happy birthday on 25th.'

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