The Queen apparently complained about Donald Trump for this reason

Wait, what?

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Wait, what?

This summer saw Donald Trump’s second UK tour, with the President staying for three days in London as a guest of the Queen.

The Trump family arrived en masse, with their full UK tour itinerary ranging from afternoon tea with Prince Charles and Camilla to a sit down state banquet (that reportedly failed to receive many RSVPs from politicians).

News has emerged since his visit, with DT accidentally referring to Prince Charles as ‘the Prince of Whales’, but it was the Queen’s thoughts that went viral this week, with it reported that the monarch complained about the President.

Why? For ruining her lawn apparently.

Yes, really.

According to the Sunday Times via The Daily Mail, after Donald and Melania landed their helicopter on the Buckingham Palace lawn, the Queen reportedly joked to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, ‘Come and look at my lawn, it's ruined.’

It doesn’t look like Trump was bothered though, making a very bold claim after his visit that the Queen ‘had the most fun in 25 years’.

‘I had such a great relationship and we were laughing and having fun,’ Donald Trump said of his stay with the Queen during a phone interview on Fox and Friends. ‘Her people told me she hadn’t had such fun in 25 years.’

He continued: ‘Now, then I got criticised for it because we were having too much, but it doesn’t matter.’


Unsurprisingly, the royal family are yet to respond to the claims.

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