Mollie’s Feel-Good Feed: A bit of chill out time post-heatwave

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  • Welcome to Mollie’s Feel-Good Feed, a place where each week Mollie King shares her round-up of the things bringing her joy in these strange and uncertain times. Check back each week for uplifting music, self care tips and, hopefully, a smile being put on your face

    Well, talk about a week going out with a bang! These have been some of the loudest thunderstorms I’ve heard for a very long time. After weeks of blue skies and baking hot sunshine, I had actually been really looking forward to feeling some rain on my shoulders – but this is a little more than I had in mind. I do hope you’re all safe and sound!

    Anyway, I wanted to slow the pace down this last week, partly because with the heat it’s been hard to even get off the sofa to do very much at all. But also because it’s even been too hot to dance – there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say! So instead of the usual ideas for get up and go, let’s lay back, put our feet up for some well deserved R and R, and chill to some little gems of escapism…


    I have to start with a song I heard last week and instantly feel in love with. It comes from Trinidad-born, Romford-raised rapper and singer-songwriter Berwyn. It’s a heartfelt track with great lyrics and is instantly recognisable after one listen. It’s a real stand out track; I always think it’s exciting to hear an artist carve out a sound that distinguishes them from other records. This is one to have on in the evening whilst winding down, perhaps cooking or taking a bath. It will give you the ultimate chill-out feeling… Just don’t let that bath overflow while getting lost in this song!

    Sticking with the wind down theme, the next track is from Canadian artist Tate McRae. If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish, You Broke Me First will definitely be up your street. She’s actually found herself a fan in Eilish, having written a song together for Tate’s album! Tate is only 17 but has already gained herself a following of over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. One to keep an eye on!

    TV series

    This week while channel surfing I stumbled across the BBC’s Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. It’s being repeated on Sky and what a joy it is. It’s something I can watch over and over again. I’ve always been a lover of the ocean and, like all David Attenborough triumphs, this has been shot so beautifully that you really feel like you’re right there with him.

    Every time I watch one of his series I’m blown away by the footage. The aerial shots over the ocean, mixed with those of the reef and never-before-seen corals are just breath-taking. Attenborough himself says it’s the most magical place on earth, and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re not getting away on holiday this year and you’d like some escapism, this will be the perfect watch.

    Self care

    With the heat this past week I thought it seemed almost pointless putting make-up on my face. I have however trusted in beauty brand Glossier as I’ve been reading amazing reviews about it for a while now. In weather like this I always try to keep my skin very natural, often just wearing a BB cream, so I tried their Perfecting Skin Tint. I have to say I instantly loved how light it felt on my skin! I paired it with their Vinylic Lip – this is a lipstick, lip liner and gloss all in one… I know, what a dream! Coming from someone who’s never been a huge gloss lover, I think it’s safe to say this product has converted me!

    Thanks so much for reading this week’s Mollie’s Feel-Good Feed – check back on Marie Claire every Friday for more of my feel-good recommendations. Stay safe, take care and enjoy!

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