Miley Cyrus' latest career move has surprised everyone

Wait, WHAT?

miley cyrus
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Wait, WHAT?

Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked about women in the world, and from her Hannah Montana days and her high profile relationship with Liam Hemsworth to her viral pop career and charity work, she is rarely out of the spotlight.

This week, Miley sent shockwaves across the internet as it was revealed that the 26-year-old was changing career path, with a rumoured appearance in - wait for it - Black Mirror.

While Miley has of course acted onscreen before - hello The Last Song and Hannah Montana - it has been a long time since she has showed off her acting chops, and Black Mirror is different to her previous work.

The satirical British TV series is an Emmy award-winning show, written and directed by Charlie Brooker and boasting a growing band of loyal followers over the years.

Set in a twisted high-tech world and exploring techno-paranoia, the show has gone viral for highlighting the relatable uneasiness of modern life, reflected in the sinister-sounding name, Black Mirror. 

And now, as if it couldn't get any more surreal, Miley Cyrus is appearing on it, well at least we think, with the singer seeming to nonverbally confirm the news on Sirius XM's Howard Stern show.

'If you guess it, then I will shake my head "yes,"' she announced when asked, with Howard Stern then confirming to listeners that she had 'shook yes' when asked if she was appearing on the Netflix show.

Well that's that. We officially cannot wait.

Jenny Proudfoot
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