Meghan Markle's royal role will change when Prince William becomes King

No wonder she's taking princess lessons!

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No wonder she's taking princess lessons!

One day Prince William will be King - something he has been preparing for since birth, reportedly struggling under the magnitude of the role he was born into.

When the day finally comes that the crown will fall onto his head, a lot of things will change - and for a lot of different royal family members.

William and Kate will break royal tradition, becoming the first ever King and Queen of England to both have a university degree, and their children, moving up the succession line will have to take on more of an official role.

But it won’t be just the Cambridge family's roles that will be affected by Prince William becoming King. His future coronation will also affect the official role of his new sister-in-law, Meghan Markle.

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The now Duchess of Sussex will reportedly have to take on a lot more responsibility - something that her current princess lessons are no doubt preparing her for.

‘The Duchess of Sussex will have an important role to develop as one day she will be sister in law to the king,’ former royal butler Grant Harold told The Express. ‘She will take on duties on behalf of the monarch as we see the royals do today for the Queen.’

‘Both royal duchesses have important roles to fulfill,’ Grant continued. ‘I imagine we will see more of the Duchess of Cambridge as she prepares for her future role as queen.’

It’s a good thing the two duchesses have each other!

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