'There's no morality in Hollywood - it’s such a patriarchal and misogynistic workplace’

Megan Fox talks the realities of life in Hollywood…

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Megan Fox talks the realities of life in Hollywood…

The past year has been incredibly eye-opening in terms of the mistreatment of women in Hollywood.

Earlier this year Forbes uncovered a shocking gender wage gap, releasing its annual lists of the highest paid actors and actresses, with the men's number one Mark Wahlberg earning almost triple the income of the female frontrunner, Emma Stone.

Then of course came the recent allegations of sexual harassment and assault, with multiple Hollywood heavyweights from Dustin Hoffman and Ben Affleck to Harvey Weinstein accused of mistreating women and abusing their power.


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The two revelations combined have shed some much-needed light on the extent of discrimination in Tinseltown, with women now taking a stand and speaking out against misogyny in the workplace.

The latest high profile name to add her voice to the chorus is 31-year-old Transformers actress Megan Fox, who opened up this week about what it’s really like to work in Hollywood.

‘Women are undervalued,’ she explained to Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine, going on to highlight the need for ‘Equal pay for equal work’.

Speaking about other issues of the industry, Megan elaborated, ‘There are some very dark negative things that go on on set, between actors or between actors and directors - specifically to actresses - that we have to go through.’

She continued: ‘There's no morality or integrity within the studio system. It's completely about greed. If there was a way to change that, I of course would.’

Calling on women to stand together, she continued: ‘I think we have to be supportive of each other. It's such a patriarchal and misogynistic workplace, it's run by men for the most part and you're finally starting to see more interesting shows and more interesting movies now — and that's because women are getting behind the camera and writing and producing.’

‘I think it's really hard for men, because of our conditioning, to write good roles for women or to even understand how to utilide a woman to her fullest potential, because we're all taught – or have been thus far – that men are knights in shining armour that protect the little wilted lily princess trapped in the tower.’

Time for a change we think!

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