Lily Collins opens up about playing a character with an eating disorder having had one herself

‘Of course I was nervous right away with the subject matter’

‘Of course I was nervous right away with the subject matter’

We are counting down the days till the release of the highly-anticipated Netflix film, To The Bone, with the feature winning rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film follows the story of Ellen, a 20-year-old woman battling anorexia, following her journey of recovery as she goes from centre to centre.

The reception to the announcement of To The Bone has been divisive, with some deeming the subject triggering. It has since been praised however, for it’s careful production, with both the lead actress, Lily Collins, and the writer/director, Marti Noxon, having suffered from eating disorders in the past.

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Lily Collins is not afraid to talk about her struggle with eating disorders, and in a recent interview on Lorraine, the 28-year-old actress opened up about playing a character with the illness, stressing how proud she is to be a part of the project.

‘It’s actually the first feature film that’s been done about eating disorders and I feel so proud to be a part of it, to keep it entertaining in a way but also informational,’ Lily stated, going on to explain how she managed to lose weight for the role, having struggled with an eating disorder in the past.

‘I was kept under strict supervision by producers, director, my own mother and also a nutritionist so we worked very closely together, very healthfully,’ she explained. ‘But of course I was nervous right away with the subject matter, but I knew that it was for a greater purpose and I’m older now and I have a different perspective on it.’

‘I was actually excited to be able to tell the story to open up further conversation for young women and men around the world.’

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