Katy Perry just sent Taylor Swift an actual olive branch

And no one knows what to think…

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And no one knows what to think…

Despite starting off as close friends, there has been ‘bad blood’ between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry for a few years now, with two songs, an awkward Carpool Karaoke revelation and a string of passive aggressive tweets to show for it.

Fans were surprised therefore, when on the first day of Taylor’s Reputation world tour, she received a good luck message from none other than her arch-nemesis, coming in the form of an actual olive branch.

Taylor posted a video to her Instagram of an olive branch that she had received in the post, captioning the upload, ’Thank you Katy’.

While this of course could have been a gift from another Katy, the note attached is an even bigger clue that it could be from the Roar singer, with just a corner of it showing in the video.

‘Hey old friend’, the letter can be seen to read. ‘I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the feelings between us. I really want to clear the air…’ while on the next line the words ‘deeply sorry’ are also visible.

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Could this mean that the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is officially over?

The two are said to have fallen out back in 2012 when three of the back up dancers on Taylor Swift’s Red album tour left early to join Katy Perry’s Prism album tour, having worked with her before.

While neither of the pop stars have spoken too much about the fallout, Taylor Swift’s number one hit Bad Blood is said to be about Katy Perry, and Katy’s release Swish Swish is thought to be about Taylor.

Basically, there was bad blood.

‘I think personally, that women should be together, not divided,’ Katy told James Corden last year in her Carpool Karaoke segment. ‘None of this petty shit, women together will heal the world.’

It looks like today could be that day.

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