Justin Theroux accidentally throws shade at Brad Pitt

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  • The actor shared a piece of graffiti on his Instagram account that included the words 'F**k Brad Pitt'

    In today’s best storm-in-a-teacup news, Justin Theroux appeared to throw some serious shade at his wife’s ex husband Brad Pitt when he shared a piece of graffitti art on his Instagram account that included the words ‘F**k Brad Pitt.’

    ‘Ah HA!’ went his gimlet-eyed army of followers, ‘bit of a sly dig at Brad, eh Justin? Nothing like using a punchy bit of street art to communicate to us your TRUE feelings? Let it all out, Justin, we’re here for you.’

    Well, actually, no.

    The choice of artwork containing a dig at his wife’s ex-husband, who is currently going through a very public divorce from Angelina Jolie, seems to be entirely accidental.

    The picture Theroux posted of some Berlin graffiti, which also suggested Facebook, the NSA and politics should all f**k off too, had originally been captioned with #currentelection mood, but as soon as the calls of ‘fight, fight, fight!’ began, Theroux added:


    A snappy little choice of hashtag which we’re sure will soon follow #SorryNotSorry and #YOLO to the hashtag hall of fame.

    Justin Theroux's 'f**k Brad Pitt' post

    Justin Theroux’s ‘f**k Brad Pitt’ post

    Theroux did concede that he would be OK with throwing shade at pickles, however, which prompted one outraged follower to retort ‘but pickles are awesome!’ The pickles have so far declined to comment.

    Both Theroux and Aniston have kept a dignified silence since the Brad and Angelina split was announced in early September, probably because they feel the whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with them. Theroux is currently in Berlin shooting Mute, a futuristic thriller directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones set in 2052.

    He followed up his post with one showing a row of silver balloons that spelled out the word ‘CLASS’ – possibly hinting that he’s got way too much of it to deliberately bad-mouth his wife’s ex-husband on social media.

    Or, you know, maybe he just liked the balloons.

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