What Does It REALLY Take To Party Like An Heiress?

What shoe designer and Topshop heiress Chloe Green doesn't know about partying really isn't worth knowing...

What shoe designer and Topshop heiress Chloe Green doesn't know about partying really isn't worth knowing...

1. An LBD Will Never Let You Down You can’t go wrong with a classic black dress. I prefer to wear something figure-hugging. If you’re going out why not show off your figure? My most memorable outfit has to be the Zuhair Murad dress I wore to my 21st birthday. It was stunning. I’m looking for an excuse to get it out again. Maybe New Year's?

2. Less IS More Do your make-up before trying any outfits on - it always helps make whatever you’re wearing look better. I might do a red lip just to give a pop. Then I’ll definitely something a little bit more wild with the hair. I do have a lot of it!

3. In Her Shoes Use a lot of moisturiser and some baby powder on your feet before heading out to stop rubbing. The worst thing you can do is go out with plasters on before anything has happened. Plasters end up giving you the blisters in the end.

4. London Rules I’m a big party animal. I always head to the Boom Boom Room in New York when I’m there. It’s all about great people and a good vibe, without it being too chaotic. I’ve partied in a lot of cities but London’s the one for me. I’ve had one of the best nights out ever at The Box. 5. Dancing Green The track that gets me dancing is Miley’s Wrecking Ball and anything by Rihanna. Those girls make you want to dance. If I had to describe my signature dance move it would be one hand up in the air, and a little bopping.

6. Karaoke Song Of Choice I’m an old soul at heart - I’d much rather listen to Lionel or George Benson to be honest. I love Lionel! I love him so much. Hello would have be my karaoke number, every time.

7. The Greens Throw Mean Parties For my 21st and my Dad’s 60th we threw a joint party in Mexico. My mum put the whole thing together. We had one night where we all wore couture gowns. A couple of great artists performed (Stevie Wonder and Robbie Williams) and they just bought the whole thing together. My parents are the most incredible hosts.

8. The Best Party I’ve Ever Been To… I’m not a big pool party girl. It’s really not my idea of a good time standing around in my bikini doing my special dance moves. I love winter partying. One time in Courcheval, where we go skiing, we were all at a restaurant called Cap Horn in our ski gear, and they had a DJ on a tractor and everyone danced for hours. The afternoon skiing never happened because we all drank too much.

9. Same Dress Nightmare? Never get changed if someone rocks up in the same outfit - that’s your moment to make a dress work. I have been in an environment where someone’s wearing the same dress as me and you just have to style it out.

10. Don’t Over Plan The best nights are ones that haven’t necessarily been planned, and it turns out to be this amazing night. If it’s over-planned, by the time I get ready, I don’t want to go out!

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