What on earth is going on with this unsettling video Donald Trump just posted?

There are no words.

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There are no words.

Donald Trump never fails to be controversial, and from his greeting the Queen with a handshake to making friends with Putin, the past few months have been no exception.

The past two weeks have seen him get trolled by JK Rowling and offend, well, everyone, in a controversial tribute to the late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, explaining how she worked for him on multiple occasions.

These cringey Donald Trump quotes were more depressing than surprising, but it was the video he posted this week that really baffled us.

Taking to his Twitter account, Trump shared an unsettling video of himself, and after watching the 14-second video for about the twentieth time, we still don’t have a clue what’s going on.

‘Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats wants to abolish the brave men and women of ICE,’ he stated to camera in a monotone voice in what appears to be the White House gardens. ‘What I want to do is abolish the killers in ISIS. And you know who’s gonna win? We are.’


There are too many questions. Did he shoot the video himself? How was this approved? And what on earth he is trying to tell us?

The most important question however is why, with many users taking to Twitter to voice their utter confusion at the meaning behind sharing this lacklustre performance.

The most popular theory? A distraction.

Given the recent drama around his US attorney Michael Cohen giving hush money to Stormy Daniels and former playboy model Karen McDougal in the past, now seems like the perfect time for an unsettling video of Trump throwing out confusing statements to surface.

We’re off to give this another watch to see if we can make any sense out of it.

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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