Is Donald Trump photoshopping his hands in pictures?

Wait, WHAT?

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Wait, WHAT?

Donald Trump is one of the most talked-about people in the world, making us face-palm on the regular.

The president of the United States never fails to be controversial, and from his greeting the Queen with a handshake and making friends with Putin to him getting trolled by JK Rowling and his controversial tribute to the late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin (claiming she worked for him on multiple occasions), the past few months have been no exception.

This week he even made a very sexist joke at his wife’s expense as he ‘bantered’ to some footballers visiting the White House that he spared them from Melania whipping up some little salads.

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The most recent Donald Trump news to spread across the internet however relates to his image, with reports emerging that the President has himself photoshopped in order to look thinner.

Yes, really.

It is a known fact that image is important to Trump, with it emerging this week that he spent a whopping $10,000 on make up for his team at his inauguration. But even we couldn’t have seen the latest revelation coming.

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A Gizmodo reporter did some investigating recently and found that there were some noticeable differences between the White House official photographs and the images uploaded to Trump’s official social media pages.

The conclusion? Photoshop.

But it wasn’t just an airbrush or a more flattering filter that seemed to be added. The supposed alterations include tightening up wrinkles, slimming down the body, smartening the hair and - drumroll please - making the hands larger.

Yes. While subtle, it is thought that Trump had his hands enlarged in his Facebook photos. Given that the President is known to be self conscious about his hands, it does make sense - but still, we don't know what to do.

Unsurprisingly Trump has yet to respond.

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