This explains the Love Island controversy around Dani Dyer’s hair

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  • It all makes sense!

    We only have one week of Love Island 2018 left and already we’re mourning its end.

    What are we going to do with that extra hour every evening, and WHAT are we going to do without Jack and Dani?

    The couple have been together from the very beginning, passing every relationship test they have had thrown at them, and constantly making our hearts melt, from their Titanic-like reunion to dropping the L bomb on the regular.

    Jack and Dani forever ❤️ #LoveIsland

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    Last night the couple faced their biggest test yet, the lie detector challenge, with Dani upset by the machine’s prediction that some of Jack’s responses to being loyal to her were a lie.

    But while ‘Jani’ fans watched in horror as the couple started to turn against each other, it wasn’t their argument that got the internet talking.

    Instead the internet was far more preoccupied with Dani’s hair, with the 22-year-old’s hair colour seeming to be a few tones darker.

    ‘All I can think about during this episode is when did Dani get her hair done?’ tweeted one confused Love Island viewer, while another posted, ‘Why is Dani’s hair a completely different colour then? Strange.’

    Basically, everyone was thinking the same question – how on earth did Dani get her hair dyed from inside the Majorcan villa?

    And it wasn’t just her hair that got the internet buzzing, with her new bright pink nails looking professionally done, too.

    Well, finally we have an answer.

    Well this took a dramatic turn! Do you think Dani's overreacted? #LoveIsland

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    An ITV representative confirmed to Metro that the islanders had indeed had treatments this week, with the finalists (those who have survived till the final week) being given a spa day.

    ‘All the girls had hair and beauty treatments in the villa a few days ago,’ a rep explained, something which is reportedly a tradition on the show, with 2016 contestant Kady McDermott confirming that hair treatments and manicures were gifted in the final week of her season too.

    Well that explains that then.

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