Ariana Grande just explained why she has an upside down Christmas tree

And it all makes sense!!

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And it all makes sense!!

Ariana Grande has had one of the most difficult years on record.

Her ex boyfriend Mac Miller died of an overdose in September, something that caused Ariana a lot of backlash following her break up from the 26-year-old earlier this year.

Then, following a whirlwind relationship and engagement to SNL frontman Pete Davidson, the pair split in October, with Ariana rushing to Pete’s side recently after he tweeted a suicidal post, only to reportedly be turned away.

Ariana has been very open about the challenging year, and when fans spotted something strange about her Christmas decor, there was no question that there was a powerful reason behind it.

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The unusual decor in question was Ariana’s tree, something her brother Frankie posted a photo of, going on to surprise a lot of people.

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Instead of standing on the floor, surrounded by presents, the tree was hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Only Ariana would be behind something so spectacular!

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But why?

Fans were quick to voice their confusion, and one member of the paparazzi even stopped the 25-year-old singer to ask her why she had chosen that set-up for her tree.

Her answer? ‘Sometimes life can just be upside down.’

Mic drop.

Well, that’s that.

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